The TALE – Towards multifunctional agricultural landscapes in Europe – project addresses the challenge of securing food production while still supporting ecosystem services provision and biodiversity conservation by agricultural land. It gathered many researchers from different institutes, and stakeholders from the 5 references sites across Europe where the approach was implemented.

This platform provides the details about methodological materials needed for implementing the TALE approach to your own case study. Materials were built and used by the research team for each of the 5 Work Packages. Open access to these methods and tools is expected to provide full access to the resources.


Click on each methodological step to access:

  • A brief description of the method, objectives and steps
  • The templates of materials that have been used to collect the data

On the right side of each methodological step page, you will find:

  • The data and results of the method applied to the Kromme Rijn basin in the Netherlands